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The first time I saw the paintings of Fabiola Murri, a contemporary Italian artist, I felt I found not only an artist but an artist on a mission. Fabiola likes to explore. She is an artist in her heart. While admiring the beauty of her paintings we feel all the elements of creation. We immediately understand an expressive direction in continuos evolution. She is capable of producing an evocative and intimate world through her colors. Every painting gives us a different feeling. The status of her soul is represented in the power of her palette. In the works of Fabiola Murri we recognize a distinctive language, freedom of expression without boundaries. The colors exercise the present, the future and the past in an array of energy. She transmits energy into our deepest sentiments because the colors of her painting are the expressions of our most sensitive feelings: we feel the vibrant red, the sweet violet, the deep blue cobalt.This is the way the artist is communicating to us that creativity, most of the time, sits in our feelings. Fabiolas' paintings blend in with our daily life, reminding us that creativity is part of our life, that our era with all the adversities sometimes give us the surprise of a great gift. The testimony of an artist. The testimony of Fabiola's art. -Prof. Aldo Albani-